Collaborative Law

What is collaborative law?
A method of resolving divorce and other family law matters in which both people are involved in a respectful problem-solving approach to reach mutually beneficial solutions. It is a way to protect your assets, safeguard your children from potentially harmful effects of protracted court proceedings, and maintain relationships.

Many people in Tennessee, when facing family law problems, are choosing the collaborative law process as a more constructive alternative to litigation.

How does collaborative law work?
The process is centered on meeting your needs and interests. It works outside the traditional court system. Each party has an attorney who is collaboratively trained. All parties and their attorneys pledge to each other that all issues will be resolved respectfully and without going to court. When necessary, your collaborative team may include additional professionals, such as a financial professional, a coach, and/or a child specialist to work towards a settlement agreement.

How do you start the collaborative law process in Tennessee?
The collaborative law process begins when you and your family member hire a trained and experienced collaborative lawyer. Meetings will then be scheduled with you, your family member, and both attorneys. The other professionals may be involved as well. A collaborative contract will be signed, committing all parties to work towards resolution without going to court for adversarial reasons.

The collaborative process continues with meetings where clients communicate their needs and interests, exchange information, explore options for settlement, conduct negotiations and ultimately, in most cases, reach an agreement.

The lawyers at MTR Family Law, PLLC are experienced collaborative lawyers committed to helping clients achieve their goals.

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