Post-Divorce Disputes

Just because it’s the end of your marriage does not mean the arguments have ended. Many times you are still facing legal issues even after the divorce has been approved by the court. If that’s the case, you will need an experienced Nashville family law attorney from MTR Family Law, PLLC to assist you with your claims.

Even if you and your ex-spouse have reached an agreement on all divorce terms, life does intervene. You could be facing issues such as economic hardship, possible relocation, or problems with child support payments.

Some of the most common post-divorce disputes include the following.

Relocation and Child Custody

Let’s say your ex, who has custodial rights of your children, got a new job in another state. What could this mean to your relationship with your children? How does this affect the parenting plan you have in place?

At MTR Family Law, we are committed to protecting your parental rights. We will work with you and your ex to come up with the modification to the parenting plan that is in the best interest of the children. If necessary, we will seek an injunction to block the move if a settlement cannot be reached.

Court Order Modifications

If you are paying either child support and spousal support and you lose your job, you may be facing financial trouble. Since you are ordered by the court to pay, is there any way you can get these orders modified?

If you are facing financial hardship and are unable to pay your court-ordered payments, our attorneys can assist in asking the court to modify your payments or even postpone until you are back on your feet again.

Contempt of Court

What if the opposite is true – you are supposed to receive child support or alimony and have not received a dime? Could you take your ex back to court?

When someone fails to obey a court order, this is considered contempt of court and can be legally enforced. Our lawyers can file a contempt petition on your behalf to order the person to comply with a court order. If the party still refuses to comply, the next step could be a criminal charge, followed by jail time.

The Family Attorneys at MTR Family Law Are Here to Help

Dealing with any legal issues can be difficult, especially when dealing with a family. Emotions will be running high, leading to tension, aggravation, and anger. The post-divorce dispute attorneys at MTR Family Law, PLLC have helped families throughout Tennessee.

Whether you need help modifying spousal support, enforcing child support payments, or are planning to relocate out of state, we’re here to help.

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