Divorce and Separation

Divorce and/or separation are extremely stressful and anxiety-producing events. We understand the uncertainty and fear that can be produced. We appreciate the trust and confidence you put in your lawyer to help you through. Through education and careful analysis, MTR Family Law attorneys can help you move beyond the emotional upheaval through a well-reasoned plan to an ultimate resolution.

Divorce is not a situation you should take lightly. You are separating the family unit, and there will be questions that need answers. Where are your children going to live? Will your spouse agree to spousal support? Who will get the house?

These can be tough questions to answer. And even the easiest of divorces can quickly become a nightmare. That’s why you need an experienced divorce attorney like the ones at Nashville family law firm MTR Family Law, PLLC to guide you through the process and make sure everything works out fine in the end.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce in Tennessee

There is more to the divorce process than you might imagine, especially if children are involved. You will need to divide your assets and debts, decide on child custody and support, and decide whether spousal support is needed. It is not something that happens overnight; a divorce can take months, even a year, to come to fruition.

There are two types of divorces in Tennessee:

  • Uncontested: Both parties agree to all conditions of the divorce and are able to settle amicably.
  • Contested: Both parties cannot reach an agreement and will need to go to court to dissolve the marriage.

In a contested divorce, you and your spouse will need to show there are sufficient grounds for separation, such as adultery, separation for two years without no minor children, or inappropriate marital conduct.

The Elements of Divorce

One of the major concerns all families face when dealing with a divorce is what will happen with the children. You will need to create a Permanent Parenting Plan which lays out the child custody arrangements, decide on visitation rights, and set up child support.

Another concern is the property you acquired during your marriage. According to Tennessee law, when a marriage ends, there needs to be an equitable distribution of property and wealth. However, this does not mean equal distribution; it means that the property division must be based on what is fair given the individual circumstances of the marriage. If you brought more debt into the marriage than your other half, then you may be leaving with more debt. In addition, pensions, retirement funds, and different types of investments are part of the division of property.

And then there’s spousal support. You may feel like you deserve alimony, yet it is not always granted. Many factors are taken into account. You will need to prove to the court that your economic situation will suffer without spousal support.

Why You Need Our Nashville Divorce Attorneys

To find out how our dedicated Nashville divorce attorneys can protect your rights in anticipation of the end of your marriage, contact MTR Family Law, PLLC. For decades, our lawyers have been fighting for our clients’ rights during divorce proceedings. We will do what we can to take the anxiety and frustration out of the process.

If you live in Nashville and need legal advice for your divorce, let our divorce attorneys help.

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