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Legal issues can be heartbreaking and stressful for a family. Whether it’s a divorce, a juvenile criminal defense, or a domestic violence situation, your whole family will be affected by the decisions you are about to make. But, with the right family law attorneys by your side, the process will go smoothly, with less stress on you, your spouse, and your children. 

For three decades, the Nashville family lawyers at MTR Family Law, PLLC has been representing families in courtrooms throughout Tennessee. We know how complicated and painful this process can be, especially if you have never set foot in a courtroom before. That’s why we will work as a team to make sure your family does not tear itself apart at this time of conflict. 

What is Family Law?

Family law involves a wide array of domestic cases and family-related issues. It can range from a difficult divorce to child support issues to domestic violence incidents.  

Our law firm handles the following practice areas: 

Divorce and Separation 

Breaking apart a family can be an extremely stressful and anxiety-producing time. We understand the uncertainty and fear that your family is feeling right now, and we appreciate the trust and confidence you put in us to help you through. Through education and careful analysis, MTR Family Law attorneys can help you move beyond the emotional upheaval through a well-reasoned plan to ultimate resolution. 

Property Division

Property division can be complicated, especially if there is quite a bit of property between you and your partner. As a result, it is essential to hire a lawyer who understands what the assets and debts are, how they are characterized, and how they can be divided appropriately between the two parties. The lawyers and staff at MTR Family Law know that the division of assets and debts is essential to your security and wellbeing for your future. 

Children Custody and Support

As a parent, your children and their wellbeing are paramount. How will you tell your children about the divorce or separation? How will they be least affected by the process? What will their lives look like in the end? All of these questions and more are the correct ones to be asking an attorney. Our Nashville child support and custody attorneys will discuss with you the needs of your children and your desires to create a parenting plan tailored for your children. 

 Alimony/Spousal Support

Various forms of alimony are available in Tennessee for a spouse who is unable to support him or herself or needs assistance. The type, amount, and length of time will vary with each case. Attorneys at MTR Family Law can assist you in determining what support, if any, is appropriate in your situation. 


Mediation is a process used to resolve disputes using a neutral person to conduct settlement discussions and reach a resolution. It is best utilized when attorneys are involved. The attorneys at MTR Family Law have been very successful serving as mediators and working out solutions for both sides. In the alternative, they are very skilled at serving as an advocate for your side if you choose the process. 

Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection

There are civil and criminal penalties for domestic violence. Orders of Protection, restraining orders, and criminal warrants may be obtained. In some situations, these remedies are necessary. In some instances, someone may be falsely accused. The attorneys at MTR Family Law understand how the system works and how relief can be obtained. 

Prenuptial (Antenuptial), Postnuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

The terms of the arrangements for life together are of critical importance. What are the rights and obligations of each person? If the relationship does not last, what is the result? How is ownership of property affected? What if children are involved? What occurs in the event of the death of one or both of the partners? These are a few of the questions that should be considered. Attorneys at MTR Family Law can discuss the ramifications of these situations and more as you plan your future. 

Post-Divorce or Post-Judgment Disputes

Even after the divorce is granted or judgment is rendered, problems may arise. The issues could be in the form of following or not following the orders of a judgment of the court or seeking to change them. Financial situations could change, possibly affecting alimony and child support. Child custody situations, including the primary residential parent, the alternate residential parent, decision-making authority, and parenting time arrangements, may need to be altered. There are many other situations which may require a close inspection after the last order or judgment. Attorneys at MTR Family Law can help you evaluate your post-divorce or post-judgment dispute. 

Not all family law matters can be resolved without the court’s assistance. It is imperative in court that your lawyer is well-prepared, well-reasoned, well-spoken, and understands your desired results. The lawyers at MTR Family Law are competent trial lawyers with exceptional abilities to try complex financial and custody matters. As a result, many of our litigation cases settle before trial as our opponents know how prepared we will be and how successful we often are in prevailing.  

If you are in need of a divorce attorney, child support lawyer, or an attorney who handles family law litigation in Nashville, we’re here to fight for your rights. Contact MTR Family Law, PLLC today to help your family with their legal needs. 

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