Modifications to Child Support Laws in 2017 – Tennessee Bar Association

August 31, 2017

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The Tennessee General Assembly has been very busy this past session in addressing the issue of child support arrearage through two major modifications of the existing law on child support, one affecting the interest rate on arrearages and the other affecting the time period of accumulation of retroactive support for a child or children. Both are important when advising family law clients going forward regardless of which side of the issue they find themselves.

The first went into effect in April 2017 when an amendment was enacted by the General Assembly reducing the amount of interest, by a significant amount, that a parent must pay on an arrearage that has accrued because of unpaid child support. The previous wording of the statute had permitted up to 12 percent interest per year on all child support arrearage, and the interest, having been accrued, then was deemed to be support.

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