Can Criminal Contempt Create Compliance? – Tennessee Bar Association

January 1, 2015

How can a party or attorney in a family law case effectively use criminal contempt as a means of getting a positive result from the other party? When a person is determined to be in willful violation of an order of the court, that person may be held in either criminal or civil contempt. A […]

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Steady She Is

December 17, 2014

When Marlene Eskind Moses saw her client struggling – the woman was fighting drug addiction and was devastated after losing custody of her child – her social work background kicked into high gear. Fueled by a desire to give the young mother more than just legal advice, Moses helped her get treatment at a rehabilitation […]

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Forced Marriage – Tennessee Bar Association

August 31, 2014

Forced marriages may seem to those in the United States like a remote problem that largely takes place in other parts of the world. When one reads new stories of child brides and scant civil or human rights regarding marriage, even in the modern era, most people envision a place that is very far away […]

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Electronic Surveillance in Family Law – Tennessee Bar Association

April 30, 2014

As everyone is aware, the use of electronic technology in business as well as people’s personal lives has grown beyond anyone’s imagination in recent years. With this rise in the use of various forms of technology, people often forget that what you use a computer for and what you store on a computer are just […]

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The ‘ART’ of Having Three Biological Parents – Tennessee Bar Association

January 1, 2014

The issues surrounding same-sex marriage, surrogacy, second-parent adoptions, parental rights stemming from in vitro-fertilization and other forms of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and how these issues translate from state to state within the U.S. are hot-button ones in the field of Family Law. The science that facilitates some of these possibilities is advancing daily, and […]

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Modification of Permanent Parenting Plans in Tennessee – Tennessee Bar Association

April 30, 2013

I worry when a client appears to be on the verge of giving up on getting the terms of an initial Permanent Parenting Plan just right. Whether they are in the throes of active blood-bath litigation or even just negotiating amicably in a mediation session, parties often will do just about anything to move forward […]

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Uncovering Hidden Assets in Divorce – Tennessee Bar Association

September 1, 2012

As it appeared on the Tennessee Bar Association Secret Closets and Covering Your Bases Recent headlines about a woman’s shoe collection have caused a stir this summer. Poker star Beth Shak is being sued by her Wall Street mogul ex-husband in a Pennsylvania court for allegedly hiding and/or failing to disclose during divorce proceedings three […]

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